Asia Entrepreneurship Training Programme 2019

Apply for six-month, part-time programme in Zurich and meet matching investors and incubators in Jakarta.

Find an Indonesian partner and prepare to meet with investors and incubators in Jakarta

 The Asia Entrepreneurship Training Programme (AETP) is a start-up accelerator providing Swiss entrepreneurs with access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia and the ASEAN.

ETH Zurich, in collaboration with the ZHAW School of Management and Law, offers an international assistance programme to Swiss start-ups intending to launch a venture in Indonesia (ASEAN). The AETP programme includes a free partner search, targeted training, individual team coaching and access to matching investors and incubators in Indonesia.

The AETP kick-starts Swiss entrepreneurs and incorporated start-ups aiming for an early interna­tionalisation of their venture in South-East Asia. The programme is targeted at core founders with an international mindset.

Indonesia, with its young and vibrant population, is experiencing rapid change as it develops into a digital so­ciety. This offers new, attractive market opportuni­ties for science, technology, and service-based start-ups in both the commercial and public sectors.


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